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I believe that yoga can help people from all walks of life, and everyone regardless of nationality, age, physical stature or fitness level can benefit from the practice. During our yoga lessons I will encourage you to be playful, aware and open-minded so that you can reconnect to your inner strength and wisdom. I love sharing my yoga experience, but I aspire to help you to find a way to expand your knowledge on your own to minimize dependency on a yoga teacher.
I feel immense gratitude for the long line of venerable teachers who came before us and all of the great teachers in the physical form with whom I have been blessed to study with in this life time. I am also sincerely grateful to all of my students who are my best teachers. I dedicate myself to remain a student throughout my life by continuing to study the art, science and philosophy of yoga to become a better yoga practitioner and a better yoga teacher.

我相信,瑜伽可以幫助從社會各階層的人們 - 不分國籍,年齡,身材或身體健康程度都可以從瑜伽練習中受益。在我們的瑜珈課,我鼓勵你是用活潑,嘗試性,自覺和開放的態度 - 因此您可以重新連接到你的內在力量和智慧。我愛分享我所有的經驗與知識,但我渴望幫助你尋求到自己的方式拓展自己的知識而不是長期依賴著瑜伽老師的學習。


Zoya's Training

• Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 (http://www.yogaalliance.org)
• Universal Yoga and Dance of Shiva (Crimea, Ukraine). Teacher Training Program
• Atma Vikasa Center of Yogic Sciences (Mysore, India). Teacher Training Course
• Vivekananda Yoga Mahavidyapeetham of SVYASA, deemed University recognized by Government of India (Prashanti Kuteeram, Bangalore, India). Division of Yoga and Management Studies. Yoga Instructors Course
• Pranava Yogadhama Trust (Mysore, India). Yoga Therapy, Education & Research Center. Intensive program in "Yoga during pregnancy"
• California Fitness Center (Taipei, Taiwan). Yoga Teachers' Training Course: beginners level
• Atma Darshan Yoga Ashram (Bangalore, India). Courses on Yoga Nidra, Ajapa Japa Meditation, classical Tantric Yoga and Swara Yoga
• Mysore Mandala Yogashala (Mysore, India). Introduction to Ayurveda and course on Auyrvedic Therapeutic massage


• 美國瑜珈聯盟登記合格經驗級瑜珈老師,E-RYT 200 and RYT 500(參考網站http://www.yogaalliance.org
• Universal Yoga and Dance of Shiva(克里米亞,烏克蘭)。師資訓練課程
• Atma Vikasa瑜珈科學研究中心(Mysore,印度)。師資訓練課程
• Vivekananda Yoga Mahavidyapeetham of SVYASA,印度政府認可的瑜珈大學(Prashanti Kuteeram,班加羅爾,印度)。瑜珈管理研究。師資訓練課程
• Pranava Yogadhama信託(Mysore,印度)。瑜伽治療,教育及研究中心。主修“孕期瑜伽”
• 加州健身中心(台北,台灣)。瑜伽教師培訓:初級課程
• Atma Darshan 瑜伽修道院(班加羅爾,印度)。瑜伽休息術,Ajapa Japa坐息,傳統Tantra瑜伽 & Swara瑜伽
• Mysore Mandala Yogashala(Mysore,印度)。阿育吠陀(Ayurveda) &阿育吠陀(Ayurveda)治療按摩


瑜伽教練,PURE Yoga,台灣

Zoya began her yoga practice in 1999 as a means of staying fit and healthy while she was pursuing a challenging international trading career in Taiwan. Yoga practice helped her to manage the physical and emotional stresses of her job - consistent back pain and anxiety that she experienced at that time. She soon realized that the value of yoga is much greater than what it can do for one's body or mind. Zoya credits yoga with bringing a whole new spiritual dimension into her life and a definite change in her consciousness. Her rewards from the practice of yoga inspired her to share it with others. She decided to quit her promising career and took her first yoga teacher training course in 2002. Since that time yoga has become Zoya's goal and her way of life.
Zoya completed two more yoga teacher-training courses in India and later on another one in Europe. She pursued her practice of yoga under the guidance of various teachers both in the East and West, studying classical hatha yoga, universal yoga, Sanskrit and yoga philosophy, yoga therapy, prenatal and postnatal yoga. After learning many different meditation techniques, Zoya found Vipassana (Insight Meditation) to be the most efficient. She claims her daily meditation being most practical way to develop her deeper awareness and to achieve the state of union with all there is. Zoya has also studied Emotional Freedom Technique, Pranic Healing, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Tantra, Sound Healing, Reiki, Dao, Shamanic Healing, BodyTalk, Mindscape, Crystal Healing, Aroma Therapy, as well as the teachings of Buddha, Abraham and Osho. Over the years, yoga, meditation, and the wisdom of all these practices together have been the guiding lights in her life.
Since 2004 Zoya has been a full-time yoga teacher offering a variety of yoga lessons, courses and workshops both in Europe and Asia. She has been teaching yoga in its ancient and traditional purity - yet in a modern scientific framework, lovingly sharing her yoga experience with hundreds of grateful students.
Zoya holds yoga lessons in English, Mandarin and Russian. She is now based in Taipei, Taiwan.

卓雅在印度完成了兩個瑜珈教師培訓課程,後來又在歐洲完成另一個。她在多位瑜珈老師指導下學習各種瑜珈 - 無論是在東方和西方古典哈達瑜珈學習,Universal瑜伽,梵文和瑜珈哲學,瑜珈治療,產前和產後瑜珈。在學習許多不同的打坐冥想技巧,卓雅發現內觀打坐(Vipassana)被最有效的。她認為,她每天打坐是最實際的方式來開發更深入的自覺性,並達到天人合一的境界。卓雅也研究情感自由術(EFT),能量式療法,阿育吠陀(Ayurveda),Jyotish,坦陀羅(Tantra),聲音療法,靈氣,道,薩滿療法(Shamanic),身體之語(BodyTalk),心靈景觀(Mindscape),水晶療法,芳香療法,以及亞伯拉罕(Abraham),奧修,以及佛佗的教導。多年來,瑜珈,打坐,以及所有這些修行研究的共同智慧指導著她的生活。

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