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Thanks alot for the yoga classes, Zoya. It has opened another world for me. It was my doctor who recommended yoga for me to relax and bring down my blood pressure. The good news is it is working. As my BP is indeed down and I am more relaxed (and flexible) than before.I admit that I was quite sceptical at first as I am quite physically lazy. But something worked. In fact I will probably carry on with yoga even after you leave Malta.
So thanks very much for your instructions and trying your patience with uncoordinated and stiff me for these last few months.I wish you the very best for the future wherever you may end up!
Best wishes and Namaste,

Noel Agius


A small note to say thank you for such a brilliant class yesterday. I am really enjoying this course and thanks to you, am leaving class re-energised and serene.  You have no idea how much I needed something like this: unfortunately due to current pressures/responsibilities, both at work and in my personal family life, all too often I am down in the dumps, with no energy or self-confidence, but I feel that with my weekly yoga class guided by you, and my attempts at stretching and meditating for a short while nearly daily, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I admit the tunnel is winding, but I am convincing myself that there is a light. Training myself to repeat a sankalpa is also a help.

I felt yesterday's class to be very beneficial, especially the yoga nidra - the fact that we participated helped me to concentrate more on not dozing off :-) In order of preference, I think i can say that the class on the throat chakra, the inner eye and yesterday's gave me the best results so far. ...I feel so refreshed after the class, that I cannot sleep till the early hours of the morning and when I do manage to fall asleep, it is a relaxed deep sleep and I feel full of positive energy the next morning, even though I would have had less hours of sleep than usual.

So, in a nutshell I just wanted to say a big thank you for your guidance and selfishly speaking, I shall certainly miss you when you leave.  However, I naturally wish you all the best in your next chapter of your life :-)




Last night it was difficult for me to let go of my thoughts because I had something on my mind but by the end of the class I was totally relaxed :) And last week both the vinyasa class and the session of the throat chakra were great. It had an amazing effect on me. I felt so energized and open up.
Thanks so much for the knowledge you share with us.



Just wanted to tell you a big big thanks! I always feel so good after your yoga session but today it was something extra special. Not only did I manage to concentrate and relax afterwards, I felt so much full of energy and such a wonderful feeling of positivity and focusing. You are great, I'm really going to miss you when you leave.  I just enjoy every session and I awe this to you and your wonderful teaching.Thanks again.



I experienced many benefits of doing yoga. Breathing has become much better causing less chest tightness and panic attacks. Menstruation has improved and has become more frequent where as before it would be between every two to five months. Doing aerobic classes have become easier as I now get less stitches so can complete class without stopping for breath or because I am in pain. My muscles have become less stressed and no longer ache after I have finished a gym or aerobics session.



Yoga has left quite a mark on me. I am conscious of how I breathe and how I carry myself. I am surprised on how flexible I have become too. I have been playing tennis for many years and I do power walking frequently. However, none of the activities I have tried before have changed my way of thinking and valuing life as much as Yoga has affected me. I am very pleased that finally I can manage to unwind and free myself of so many worries that boggle the mind. Yoga taught me to relax and at the same time keep my body active. I recommend Yoga to everyone out there! A big thank you goes to our dedicated teacher of Yoga, Zoya, who is such an inspiration to us all.

Caroline Tonna, Marsascala


I can now touch my toes (before i could hardly touch my knees in a forward bend!), I stand taller and not so hunched, less emotionally charged, sleep better, happier.... and all people after class smile and seem to float on air hehehe

Melanie Giorgi


Zoya, I hope this message finds you well. I am not sure you will remember me. I took your classes in Malta about 4 years ago. I live now in Los Angeles and I miss your teachings...I have not found a teacher that I like as much as you. I used to love how you explained the benefits of each pose and gave meaning to the whole process. Too often here I found people just see yoga as a good exercise. Also I browsed your website - its really great, very well done and the information is super interesting and inspirational.
With fond memories,

Rachel, France


Yoga was a great discovery in my life. Since I started practicing yoga and meditation I felt connected to the beauty of the cosmos. Every time I have felt stress or an emptiness whatsoever in my life, yoga has helped me to bring my true self back to my life; give me a balance and help me to follow the path for my self-fulfillment and happiness. Thank you very much, dear Zoya, for helping me in attaining this beautiful aim and showing me the light. I really like your lessons and your sweet and soothing voice.

Maria Quintanar, Sliema, age 30, teacher


Just a few words to say how great your yoga classes have been. Thank you so much. It was such a relaxing experience. I am feeling healthier, I am more conscious of my posture and breathing and am looking forward to return to your yoga classes as soon as they start again.

Ben Portelli


In a world where it seems everyone is always in a rush and life is increasingly stressed, it is a real treat to escape to one of Zoya's yoga classes. It's a wonderful toner for both body and mind - I have no doubt it has helped improve my flexibility, posture and mental well-being and look forward to further progress during the next course. Thank you for providing an oasis of calm and for helping kick-start the process of restoring life to a better balance.

Debbie Holland


I really enjoy your lessons. I have done a lot of thinking lately and I realise just how much yoga has helped me connect with myself and shake off my fears. I aspire to have the oppotunity to follow your footsteps and teach yoga in future as it is so rewarding to help others just like you helped me, to see life from a positive perspective. You are truly a healer! When I started yoga I thought it would just be a hobby, yet it has come to be so joyful and a central part of my life that I know I can expand this practice! Btw I have been eating a vegetarian diet for a while and feel so much better physically and emotionally.



Thank you for the lessons, Zoya. Yoga is helping me in so many ways! My awareness of how I talk, sit, stand, breathe, daydream, etc. is increasing (slowly but I can see some improvements!). My posture is changing too - although I hunch most of the time, sometimes I find myself standing/ sitting straighter. As for eating habits, I have managed to cut down on snacking on chocolates! The lessons are great - very relaxing and beneficial. One thing that I like and appreciate the most is your hands-on adjustments and verbal guiding that helps me to move deeper into a pose.

Lydia Sant, age 39, Marsascala, a mother of four


Dear Zoya,
what I liked very much about these yoga lessons with you: getting so much helpful basic-information about the breathing and the united way and feeling of body and mind. That my body is telling me all, what is stiff in my behaviour and thinking and teaching me to work on it. Not only sankalpa I do practice every day - a new awakening in me woke up. Thank you so much for showing me the first step on this way - how you are transferring these messages to all of us!


anna ( 2010-06-25 17:36:06

When I started Yoga lessons I was afraid that I will not cope with the others and that because of my health problems I will get worse over time but still I went ahead and tried one lesson. From than on I never looked back.
Zoya, thank you, you where always there to help me up when I found it impossible to do it on my own and you always offered help and support.
You are a friend that everyone in Malta is going to miss.
May your future be full of health and wealth :D
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