Prenatal Yoga

I wanted to thank you for providing me with the highlight of my week for the past couple of months! I never thought I was the "yoga" type (excuse the classification... ;)) as my normal forms of exercise would be brisk walking, jogging or spinning, however, I like trying new things and thought why not? After these 10 classes I can definitely say that I will continue with yoga for many years to come....
My job is highly stressful and takes up a lot of my time, energy and mind and I can honestly say that your yoga class made me forget about the outside world and helped me to completely dedicate one hour a week to me, myself and I. I have found the exercises very beneficial to my overall well-being during the pregnancy and am sure that I would have had many more aches and pains without these sessions - I have used a couple of the exercises during sleepless nights and when e.g. my back will be sore from sitting at my computer for long etc and have really found them to help! I have already recommended you to a number of my friends and will definitely be back for more myself!

Gabby Grech Larsson


I have found the prenatal yoga classes to be therapeutic on a physical level - after each class my back pain miraculously disappears. They also have a comforting feel to them as you are in a group of women who are going through the same emotions and inhibitions as you. It is a good playing field to make friends with future mum's-to-be!

Christine Bonavia


Last Thursday I gave birth to a lovely baby boy. I had a completely natural birth with practically no painkillers. Tried various postures to give birth such as all fours, squatting and others. Yoga definitely helped during birth. The breathing techniques and the various postures I learned through yoga and practiced while pregnant helped me during delivery.



Yoga has always helped me get in touch with my inner self and during my pregnancy, it helped me all the more. I found the exercises very useful and very practical to carry out not necessarily during a yoga class but also at home. The breathing exercises together with the concentration exercises were and are very helpful. The stretches performed to strengthen the muscles used mostly during pregnancy could be performed any time during the day especially when one feels some of the discomforts that result from the weight gained during pregnancy. The classes also help you to build stamina, needed during the contractions whilst toning the parts of your body that will play an important part during labour, like the pelvic floor muscles.
I highly recommend prenatal yoga to all mothers to-be to help them throughout the 9 months, on the delivery day and for a fast recovery afterwards.

Maria G.S.


I am very happy to inform you that I have found several of the exercises we used during the yoga classes very useful during my delivery. Between one contraction and another I was resting in child pose and I also had the opportunity to use the cat swing and all the breathing exercises. Thanks for everything Zoya. The classes were especially helpful for me during the pregnancy - they were a great relaxation and I was always looking forward to them. They also helped me to focus my attention towards my baby in the womb. Thanks for everything. I will surely recommend it to any pregnant woman.


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