Vinyasa Yoga

Dearest Zoya,
Thanks to YOU for sharing your teaching with an open heart - for your dedication sending regular emails and updates online to keep. I have found your classes to be very very positive, and well balanced and have enjoyed them thoroughly.


Yoga has helped me be in touch with my body in a very unique way. I feel I can access and release muscles and ligaments that otherwise was not so easy through other form of exercise. The energy release feels wonderful, enhancing flexibility, and giving me a sense of well-being. Zoya is a very good teacher.

Josette Attard, a therapist


I enjoy attending yoga lessons very much. It has made me more aware of my body and I am more conscious of my back postures while driving, at work and even the way I lay down in bed. I feel more flexible too and stretching postures have improved. I would recommend it to other people with an open-mind! Thanks, the lessons have been great!

Michelle Azzopardi, age 26, Rabat, IT junior executive


I really enjoy this yoga course. At first I found it quite difficult, as it was different and a lot harder than the course I did in the UK. It is a lot more beneficial and I am feeling a lot more confident. I would recommend it to other people, because I feel I am getting more subtle in my body and feeling fitter.

Patricia, age 57, UK


Just a note to let you know that your classes in yoga have benefited me greatly and I look forward to starting the new course with you soon. This was my first yoga class, which I found very challenging yet due to your well-guided and clear instruction I have found it to be a very interesting and beneficial experience both mentally and physically.

Anna G.


Zoya's yoga sessions are first rate - as always, sensitive yet pushing the boundaries. Zoya is by far the best yoga teacher I have met, and I've had a few.

Kate, UK


I enjoy a lot doing yoga and have already recommended it to a lot of friends. I have become more flexible through it. Thanks for all your good advices.

Violet Bugeja, age 22, Zebbug, systems engineer


I just love learning about yoga through Zoya, it helps me so much in my daily life. Yoga makes my body feel good and my mind relaxed. I look forward to every class and feel great afterwards. I will never give it up!

K., age 43, housewife


I've been doing yoga for about two years and I must say, that I feel big difference since. Yoga is helping me to understand my body better - the limits of what I can do. I've learned how to control my breathing, it is making me feel stronger during my work out in gym. And most important for me, I've learned how to relax when I need it most - it's helping me to carry on with my life.

E. Bonello, age 36, Sliema, hotel reservation manager


karen sullivan (Author) 2010-03-23 22:13:18

My lessons on Chakras have been fantastic!! Now I can understand my body more and apply more energy through each chakra related to the part of my body that is feeling tired. I will always carry this knowledge with me and try to apply it in my daily life to help me through any situation. ZoyaYoga has given me a new outlook to life both physically and mentally.
Thank you
Sandra ( 2011-03-16 10:48:10

Hi Zoya :) I just wanted to say how clear and helpful your website is. I followed the link you posted on fb to buy the CD and found out that you put detailed info about every basic position. It is very hard to find the right and complete information on one website sometimes. I just started doing yoga again and your website is exactly what I needed so thanks for sharing your knowledge and making it accessible to all.
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