Hatha Yoga Intermediate Course (HYIC)

Zoya brings yoga to her students in a very holistic way. Her website and the work that she is doing are amazing and her sharing is so generous. Besides being inspirational to us all with her physical postures of yoga, her in-depth knowledge is brought to us in every lesson and all we have to do is absorb it and practice it in our daily lives. I am so grateful to having been introduced to Zoyayoga. This year is going to be a good year I feel it and the priority is the yoga lifestyle for me which is the fulcrum of what I now come to see as my life. Thank you Zoya for being a motivation, an inspiration and above all, a loving and sharing teacher.

Clare Agius, TV Presenter and Producer


Depending on your mood and level, Zoya has something for you. You will find the time absorbing and refreshing. She is highly experienced and enthusiastic. She will find the right level for you and is very approachable. Have fun!

Thank you Zoya for being a great captain guiding me on a wonderful voyage of discovery and joy. Blissful awareness and humble experience. a truely BIG memory of good times for me to have in my 'big memory' central space.

Enormous smiles and good vibes,

Simon Nighy from New Zealand


Zoya, I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to join your intermediate classes. For me it has been a wonderful experience and I truly enjoyed every moment of the classes, mostly the asanas part. These classes have been a great opportunity of great motivation to continue in my yogic journey, whereby you managed to be of great inspiration. They have been very beneficial on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Once again I congratulate you for the way you conduct the classes. They are very structured, balanced and varied. The way you adjust students is very effective and your voice projection is excellent. You are a great and most probably the best yoga teacher in Malta.

Ray Cacciattolo, a yoga teacher


I was always one to experiment with different sports/classes etc. But about 5 years ago I started Yoga (with Zoya)  and I  have never looked back. It’s difficult to explain. One has to experience it. But it’s like, now, I don’t get angry as quickly as I used to, and when I do, a few deep breathes calm me down!  I don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future so much anymore. So I am more grateful for ‘today’.  Which wakes me up in a positive mood!:) I am less critical, so my life has become more peaceful ..for me, but especially  for those around me ! :)YES........ALL this happen with YOGA. People keep asking me if I have lost weight!! (Actually, it’s that my posture has improved so much!)  I really look forward to my weekly class, and hate it when I have to miss it! Now I am working on being more disciplined with myself. (Without being too critical of myself) One can learn so many things from Yoga! And I know I have hardly started!
I also consider myself very very lucky, that my teacher has always been Zoya.  From Day 1. So I always experienced 1st class teaching. No wonder I fell in love with Yoga! :) Your humility makes you extraordinary Zoya. :) You are the best.

Jacqueline, age 44, air hostess


I would like to thank you for all the different courses I took with you this year - hard to believe that this time last year I was in bed with a back so bad I was totally unable to move! Yoga has been a great discovery for me - and not only from the physical aspect. I look forward to more of your inspirational teaching :)

Isabella Attard


I am so glad I found Zoya as a yoga teacher. She is perfect for me as she addresses both the body & mind during her lessons. I also love her follow-up emails where she explains what we were doing. Very educational.

Pavla Borg


I was introduced to yoga out of necessity. A year ago I discovered I have a slip disc. I did check out other options and places, and I chose yoga with Zoya. Yoga has helped me to ease the pain, but mostly it has taught me to be fully aware of my whole body, both the physical and mental. Zoya is very thorough and goes in great detail during the sessions. I did not think I will last long attending these yoga classes but I have proven myself wrong, because the more I attend the more interesting and challenging it gets. Thanks Zoya.

Antoinette Micaleff, Naxxar


Thank you for all that you invested in me as your student; I learned a great deal from you and really think you're a superb teacher.

Polly H., USA

I have started yoga for over 4 years and instantly was drawn to it. I have found this inner peace within me that on my own I could never find. I also found my body responding to yoga, getting toned and feeling good about myself. Zoya is a dedicated instructor. She builds you into a yoga personality and that is the difference from others because she makes you understand what you are doing and what is it for, therefore it is easier to follow and practice yoga on your own as well. I can honestly say she changed my life into a balanced person that I truly appreciate it. Thanks a lot Zoya!



My lessons on Chakras have been fantastic!! Now I can understand my body more and apply more energy through each chakra related to the part of my body that is feeling tired. I will always carry this knowledge with me and try to apply it in my daily life to help me through any situation. ZoyaYoga has given me a new outlook to life both physically and mentally.

Zoya, yoga with you has taught me so much about life, others and myself. I will always remember you with love and happiness  as you have so much good kama wherever you go. I feel this is not goodbye as you are too connected here with all of us and we all have a special place for you in our hearts. Thanks Zoya for all that you have done for us.

Karen Sullivan


Zoya is an excellent yoga teacher and regarded as one of the best in Malta. She brings a great wisdom and practicality to her Yoga sessions. I rate her very highly.

Andrew Berger from Tigne Point, Malta


A yoga session with Zoya is a BEAUTIFUL mental as well as physical experience. She's a wise and dedicated yoga teacher. Thank you Zoya for sharing your special talents with us!

Anna Galea, a painter

Svetlana Krakhmalnaya (213.165.186.xxx) 2010-06-28 22:24:30

i want to tell: "Thank you!" to the God for send me you as my first teacher of Yoga. You open me a new world! Now i know that "yoga is for my life".
Love, care, attention, wisdom, high level of every your lessons, strict when its needed :) and patience- it is all about you, my dear Zoya! You help me to be not only more flexible and strong physically but mentally. I love all of your lessons! Everything is interesting and new for me. And one of my favourite are about Chakras. Its helps me to come up on another level in my life. 2-3 years ago i would hardly believe that it will be for me. Now it's part of me.
Your wise words even when you was telling it to someone else really helps me.
Thank you for your disks you made for us - you will be teaching us all the time! Promise to do all postures correctly :)
I so grateful you and Jason to be in my life. Thank you for love you share with us, for your professionalism and care.
Wish you all the best in your life-journ...
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