Private Mentorship for Women

If you are opening this page, I assume that you need some guidance in your life. We all do! We need allies, guides, and spiritual friends. We are not meant to do it all on our own. Especially during tough or transitional times. I have personally been privileged to work with a few female mentors who helped me transform many aspects of my life, from my well-being and relationships to my impact in leadership and spirituality. We all need support, and I am here to offer you empowerment and love that you need to fill your life with ease, wellness, abundance and joy.

Helping women to access, honor and stay connected to their true essence (which is Love!) is my passion, purpose and life’s work. I am committed to my personal healing and evolution, transformational education, and healing and evolution of the collective. I’ve been exploring the fields of human development, motivation, and spiritual awareness for over 15 years. I’ve extensively trained in yoga and yoga therapy, meditation, holistic health, energy psychology and various energy healing techniques. I combine my knowledge and mentoring experience with my strong intuitive skills and my commitment to be a vessel of Divine Love. One of my greatest gifts as a teacher is to convey the healing energy of the pure presence through heart-to-heart transmission. I have learnt from many traditions and schools and use different intelligences (cognitive, heart, womb, unconscious) to immerse in the infinite wisdom of possibilities in order to guide you in creating and manifesting your own reality.

Mentoring with me is an intimate, exquisitely personalized journey which can help you to:
  • Heal difficult emotions, feelings, thoughts, states of mind, and transform your fear, pain and trauma into opportunities of connection to your wholeness
  • Direct your energy in a new way - focus towards healthy and  empowered living, nourish yourself on every level, and enhance your willingness and ability to experience profound joy and contentment 
  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself, feel truly at home in your body and in love with yourself, and feel more peaceful and abundant regardless of external circumstances 
  • Become less judgmental and more compassionate towards yourself and others, and form more intimate & meaningful relationships
  • Embrace both your light and shadow, and activate whole new capacities in yourself by connecting with who you truly are at the deepest level
  • Have a stronger link to your own guidance and intuition, and learn to trust your inner wisdom
  • Gain clarity on your unique purpose and gift, embody your truth with fierce authenticity, and build a stable financial foundation
  • Reconnect with the sacred feminine within your body and within the world around you, and accelerate your transformation and manifestation by working with the cycles of Nature and your own body cycles 
  • Embrace the world in a sacred, whole and celebratory way

Each mentoring session with me includes exploration and practices custom-tailored to support you and your unique situation. Expect a personalized blend of:
Exploratory dialogue to identify and honor whatever is arising within every level of you: body, mind, emotions, and spirit
Women’s yoga and other embodied practices
Meditation, mindfulness, and visualization practices
Breathwork, mudras, yantras and mantras
Tapping meditations and other energy psychology techniques
Sacred Initiation into the Divine Feminine archetypes and qualities
Personalized daily rituals, compassionate scheduling, and self-care practices 
And it's all offered in doable steps, according to the Moon phases and in synch with your own menstrual cycle to manifest with greater ease.

Your investment is 150USD/4900NTD per session (60-90 min). After each session you will receive follow-up session notes and related audio and visual information outlining all support and emotional advice per session. If you commit for 8 sessions you get one session for free, and unlimited follow-up emotional email support in-between regularly scheduled sessions.

I fully respect where each individual is financially and understand the need to be wise with how you invest your time and money. The real value of my mentoring is way beyond the price. Together, you and I will create a safe, intimate and sacred space for very deep, inner work, and the results are life transformative. The support I offer is me meeting you exactly where you are and holding your hand while you take the steps you need in your life for your dreams to grow, move beyond your perceived limitations, claim your brilliance and live a life of passion and purpose.

You also need to know that I am very selective about who I choose to work with. I can only work privately with a few clients at any time, and I’ve found that it’s not of service to take on a client who simply isn’t ready to receive my support, or is not willing to take the action required to commit to the healing and transformation process. I need to know that you are 100% committed to making the financial and time investment and doing whatever it takes to bring about the changes that you desire. (I believe in making my service accessible to those who need it. Opportunities are available for women interested in bartering their services, skills, or time in exchange for my sessions. Please contact me for further details.)

I hold most of my private sessions online via Skype. It’s a great way to enjoy your one-on-one session in the convenience of your own home or office, no matter where you live. There is more privacy, no need to fight traffic, find parking or worry about traveling in bad weather. Skype video calls are free worldwide. In the Taipei area, private sessions can also be done at your location or mine.

If this sounds interesting to you, I will be glad to email you the application form.
If after reading your application form, I feel that I can be of service to you, I can offer a free initial 15-minute Skype/phone consultation to further determine if what I offer and what you are looking for is a match. This is to ensure that we feel compatible and comfortable with the energy between us, and the work we want to do together.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your path to health, peace, contentment and joy.

Namaste and much love,

What Zoya’s Clients Are Saying:

Zoya is a true therapist. After experiencing some very disturbing trauma and upheaval in my life, it was a blessing to have Zoya as a resource to coping and healing.  Zoya and I had a skype session and it was absolutely transformative. After just one session with her I began being able to process what happened and why.  Zoya helped me begin to open in a huge way and release some of the stagnant fear, pain and anger I was harboring in my body. After one hour-long session I felt relief and finally had a deep night's sleep again, no nightmares. 
Continuing to work with Zoya has been such a gift.  She is an expert at guiding and helping me to deepen into realizations about myself and the world. She has shown me how to embody my womanhood, wisdom and gorgeous gift of compassion and forgiveness.  I feel like a divine child, a graceful goddess, a wise wizard and a beautiful bodhisattva in her presence as she is so good at mirroring, no matter what we are working on.
Practically, from my lessons with Zoya, I have gained tools to meditate regularly, relax deeply, forgive fully, expand my creativity and connect with my body, its cycles and the cycles of nature. 
It is my hope that everyone in the world have such guidance as Zoya to help them access their inner wisdom and knowing.
Kayla Hardin, yoga and meditation teacher, USA

Zoya has a profound ability, honed over many years of practice, to tune into intuition and guidance to help people gain opening and realization. Her comments are always on the mark, allowing me to get clarity and melt away resistance. She is also a master at holding space, infusing the environment with small touches of ceremony that create a sacred and safe space where moments ago was only an ordinary room. I love the balance/play of staying grounded and bringing in a little bit of magic. 
Anastasia Avvakumova, Canada

即使每日的生活看似平順,在外人眼中,我的家庭、工作、社會地位與美麗看似圓滿並令人稱羨,但長年累積身心上的隱形問題,卻在那一段日子將我帶到谷底,我緊繃與匱乏的心靈跟全身上下的疾病都在告訴我,我不行了,我需要改變,終於,在我覺得人生就要結束的時候,我嘗試了Zoya的瑜珈課程,它是一段心靈與身體的治療,Zoya帶領我感受宇宙大地的能量,用這個能量追朔小時回憶帶來的傷痛,找到問題的根源重新修復,再帶我用這個能量找到內心的平靜,所謂內心的平靜,是對自己的 "思維" 、"心念" 負責,並利用瑜珈 "無念、無想" 放鬆的原理,達到自我情緒穩定的控制,它教我存在於宇宙中的萬物,包含你、我,皆為一體,唯有以和諧與平靜為出發點,才能種下自己正面的磁場,如此一來,諸如批判、缺乏自信、嫉妒、自我設限、焦慮等負面的情緒與思維,都能夠透過瑜珈 (打坐) 自我排除並喚起潛意識的覺醒,進而人與人之間的關係,包括親情、友誼、同事、情人、雇傭關係等所遇到的困境與衝突都會獲得改善。Zoya所教給我的瑜珈精髓,主要是先養好自己的心靈與情緒,當心靈與情緒如同山丘屹立不搖時,潛意識覺醒的平靜與堅定能幫助我們將人、事、物看得更透徹,如此一來面臨人生困境與關鍵決定時,都能幫助我們掌握方向與原則,排除猶疑與煩躁,隨著心靈與情緒的調養,減輕我們全身上下整體的負擔,透過心靈上負面能量的釋放、正面能量的牽引,加上Zoya強迫的作息時間調整 (之後發現這樣的作息反而是自己身體不可或缺並渴望想要的作息) ,我意外的發現身體上的疾病也奇蹟似的不藥而癒。
Inna, Taiwan

Dear Zoya,
I am very grateful to you that you spent so much time with me, more than was planned. I could feel that this is not a job for you to help me, it is your life. 
We had met at very difficult time for me, when my consciousness and my heart had been in absolute imbalance and I hadn´t known how to bring them together. I can´t say that now both of them are balanced, but it is very important for me, that after our friendly and calming conversations I got to realize from where my problems were coming and how to reduce the influence of the outside on my decision making. I hadn´t had an idea of what kind of consequences could come up after certain  actions, which I´d considered before as the only right. You showed me, what we see and hear is not always the real truth, because our consciousness is limited in perception and can´t embrace the whole picture with lots of not obvious nuances. You draw my attention to the point, that there is no need to prove my own truth which is coming from the heart and to fight for it; the truth will do all that itself. You explained to me what it means to be a happy woman and what the pure woman´s predestination is. How strange, that I forgot it! 
I started to learn with your help how to make decisions by heart not with emotions, how to identify my ego and my woman´s merit, the difference between feelings and emotions and the unbelievable aspect for me, the results of acting with feelings instead of emotions. You told me about absolutely unknown-to-me methods for how to handle myself, how to reduce susceptibility, what to do if I feel myself hurt, lost or disabled, how to charge the energy, to calm down, how to change the complicated and unstable relationship with the man into a positive and fruitful union of two independent, loving and happy people and many other things.
Your way of talking to me was exactly for me, you were tuned to me, my way of thinking, that’s why it was easy for me to understand you and to take your knowledge gratefully and with wonder. It was easy for me to open myself to you, because I had a feeling you knew me and you knew something about me, what was not visible even for me. Your listening of my big and small problems was so attentive. Even your voice was rejuvenating.
Thank you for reminding me of the most important things in the life. Thank you for teaching me all these wonderful methods. Thank you for giving me knowledge, which I will use all my life. 
Natasha Klinger, Germany

I have known Zoya from my yoga practice but it was only recently that I re-connected with Zoya via facebook. During yoga practice Zoya has always provided an atmosphere of calm, strength and peace. Working with Zoya privately has opened to me so many possibilities. Zoya is teaching me EFT but she also gives me so many other techniques to help me cope on a daily basis. I can exercise any of these techniques on my own whenever the need arises.  Zoya offers me constant support. She regularly sends me e-mails and I know that she is there whenever I need her. Although our sessions are focused on EFT, Zoya is a very knowledgeable person on so many levels. Accordingly the amount of knowledge and skills she shares with me are countless. Zoya is a genuine person and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be supported by her during my fertility journey which has been a long one. Taking care of my emotional well-being is helping me cope much better. I have learned a lot during this journey and there is still a lot more to learn. Awareness, releasing fears and getting in touch with feelings are all part of this learning process. A safe and secure environment has to be provided for the process to begin. Zoya has and continues to provide me with such an environment and I am forever grateful whatever the outcome.
Anonymous, London, UK

I would like to thank you once more for everything you helped me achieve. Ever since I met you my life changed - the inner peace I achieved really made me live a better life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the good work you are doing and for sharing it. 
Maria Micallef, Malta

It was a great discovery in my life. Since I started practicing meditation I felt connected to the beauty of the cosmos. Every time I have felt stress or an emptiness whatsoever in my life, it has helped me to bring my true self back to my life; give me a balance and help me to follow the path for my self-fulfillment and happiness. Thank you very much, dear Zoya, for helping me in attaining this beautiful aim and showing me the light. I really like your sweet and soothing voice.
Maria Quintanar, Spain

I am so impressed with your teaching, and it is great to find a teacher with a really solid background and structured approach. Your dedication, curiosity, and humility are so lovely and I know you are building on the work of past lifetimes!
Jenny, Montana, USA

Zoya taught me privately a few years ago and her inspirational lessons are still with me. I have come to be more positive in my outlook towards life. I truly recommend her to everyone looking to heal their life. Thank you so much Zoya for your kindness, patience and true dedication. You're not just a teacher, you're also a friend to your students!
Stephanie Sant, Senior Customer Services Officer, Banking, Malta

Thank you for all that you invested in me; I learned a great deal from you and really think you're a superb teacher.
Polly H., USA

Now I don’t get angry as quickly as I used to, and when I do, a few deep breathes calm me down!  I don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future so much anymore. So I am more grateful for ‘today’. Which wakes me up in a positive mood!:) I am less critical, so my life has become more peaceful ...for me, but especially  for those around me ! :) I consider myself very very lucky, that my teacher has always been Zoya.  Your humility makes you extraordinary Zoya. You are the best.
Jacqueline, air hostess, Malta

In the last few months I got strengthened on so many levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Zoya, thank you for your guidance. I appreciate YOU so much. And thank you for giving me the tools to practice on my own. I value everything you have taught me. I continue to practice at home, and my lessons with you were invaluable.  You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything. 
Alyssa, USA

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