5 Moon Faces for Wellbeing and Manifestation (月亮的五張面孔)

5 Moon Faces for Wellbeing and Manifestation (5-Week Bilingual Course)

We create realities that serve our well being, liberate joy and manifest our goals and dreams to our fullest potential when we learn to decode the divine wisdom, rhythms, feelings and energetic pulses of our menstrual cycles. We are then able to determine our most sociable periods to most solitary periods, our moments of exuberant creativity to our moments of darkest hibernations, which is in deep alignment to the solar and lunar cycles of nature. This is age-old, practical wisdom that women used to know and practice. By reclaiming this wisdom, we reconnect with our highest selves: our feminine essence. 
This course will benefit every woman. Whether you have an irregular menstrual cycle or no cycle, regardless of your stage of life, you will learn how to embody the wisdom of your body and synch with the cycles of Nature to improve your wellbeing and manifest your dreams.

In this course, you will learn how to…

Align your body, relationships, career, diet, exercise and daily activities with the four phases of your hormonal cycles and solar and lunar cycles of Nature

Apply this energy of the natural cycles to the process of manifesting your desires and soul’s calling 

Create space in your life for feminine self-care that supports your health 

Practice phases-specific, simple embodiment exercises to access the deep wisdom of your body 

Practice women’s yoga, breathing techniques and meditations for PMS, menses, perimenopause, menopause and all other phases

Course Name: 5 Moon Faces for Wellbeing and Manifestation (Bilingual)
Date: Nov 13, 20, 27, Dec 4, 11
Time: 9am-4pm
Location: ConsiouseeD Studio, 5 min walk from Taipei Arena MRT exit 1 or exit 5
Cost: NT 16,180 or NT15, 000 (discounted if you attend the introduction workshop, The Feminine Guide to Wellbeing and Manifestation: info below) 
Contact: Zoya Lu
Mob: 0976293238
If you are interested in learning more about this 5-week course, we are offering a 3-hour introduction workshop called “The Feminine Guideline to Wellbeing and Manifestation” (bilingual) on October 30th at 1-4pm, in which we will:
get a solid understanding of the principle natural cycles, both in our bodies and in Nature, and their connection to our moods, hormones, energy and libido levels
learn how feminine self-care makes us more comfortable in our bodies and more effective in our lives
understand how to plan a month from week to week to bring a deeper experience of joy and harmony and less stress and struggle (applicable to health, home, family, work and business)
Cost: NT1618

About Zoya: Zoya is a sacred embodiment mentor and relationship coach. She is passionate about helping women to access, honor and stay connected to their true essence, which is Love. A feminine transformation expert, she is trained in yoga, yoga therapy, energy psychology, and various techniques of meditation and energy healing. Offering her service as a spiritual teacher and mentor for over twelve years, Zoya has been a catalyst for healing and self-realisation to hundreds of people from all over the world.

“Zoya has a profound ability, honed over many years of practice, to tune into intuition and guidance to help people gain opening and realization. She is also a master at holding space, infusing the environment with small touches of ceremony that create a sacred and safe space where moments ago was only an ordinary room.”. Anastasia Avvakumova, Canada

“She is an expert at guiding and helping me to deepen into realizations about myself and the world. She has shown me how to embody my womanhood, wisdom and gorgeous gift of compassion and forgiveness. I have gained tools to meditate regularly, relax deeply, forgive fully, expand my creativity and connect with my body, its cycles and the cycles of nature. It is my hope that everyone in the world have such guidance as Zoya to help them access their inner wisdom and knowing”. Kayla Hardin, USA


To apply please email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and we’ll reply with an application form and payment info.

月亮的五張面孔 – 身心安適與生命體現(5週日工作坊--英語教學中文翻譯)
當我們學習理解蘊含在月經週期內的神聖智慧,韻律,感受及能量脈動等,我們便創造了真實,這份真實為我們帶來身心安適、釋放喜悅、幫我們體現自己的目標與夢想,並發揮最大的濳能,於是我們清楚知道何時適合對外溝通,何時最適合獨處; 何時我們擁有豐富的創造力,何時是蟄伏的黑暗時刻。這些時刻每每對應太陽與月亮的週期。從前,女性曾經十分熟悉並實踐這份古老的智慧。透過重新理解這份智慧,我們與最高層次的自我 – 我們的女性特質 – 連結。
•練習專為經前症候群, 經期,停經前症候群,更年期和其他所有階段設計的女性瑜伽,呼吸技巧與冥想
課程名稱:月亮的五張面孔 – 身心安適與生命體現(5週日工作坊--英語教學中文翻譯)
時間:上午9點到下午 4 點
地點: ConsiouseeD Studio, 離小巨蛋捷運1號 / 5號出口約5分鐘路程
費用:NT 16,180.
聯繫方式:Zoya Lu (卓雅)

如果您有興趣了解更多有關這5週的課程,我們將在10月30日1-4pm提供3個小時的介紹“給女性的幸福指南—身心安適與生命體現” (雙語)

費用:NT 1,618
關於卓雅 (Zoya Lu):
卓雅是一位神聖化身的心靈導師及關係教練。她熱衷於幫助女性連結榮耀,並與她們真正的本質--“愛”保持連結。身為一位女性轉化專家,她接受過瑜伽,瑜伽療法,能量心理學以及各種冥想和能量治療技術的培訓。 作為一個心靈的老師與導師,她已教學超過十二年,卓雅一直扮演著來自世界各地數百人的療癒及自我實現的催化者。
“卓雅在多年的實踐中磨練出深奧的能力,融合直覺和引導,幫助人們獲得內在的開啟和領悟。她也是一位臨在空間的大師,透過簡單而細膩的儀式,總能讓一個原來普通的房間,轉化為一個神聖和安全的空間。“ Anastasia Avvakumova,加拿大
“她是引導和幫助我加深對自我與對世界理解的專家。她讓我看到如何體現我的女性特質、智慧和得到慈悲與寬恕這份美好的禮物。我學習到不同技巧,幫助我定期冥想,深層放鬆,全然原諒,擴展我的創造力和連結我的身體並與我身體的週期和自然的週期連結。我希望世界上每個人都有像卓雅這樣的導師,幫助他們進入自己內心的智慧並得到領悟。“ Kayla Hardin,美國

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